Monday, December 7, 2009

Lobster Grilled Cheese and Lobster Hush-puppies

Good Monday Morning Foodies! How was everyone's weekend? Mine was super busy but fantastic. Saturday, I went down to the new Chicago French Market at 131 N Clinton. It was packed with holiday shoppers, but all the fresh cheese, produce and everything else was just great. I'll be making regular trips down there from now on.
After that, I went up to the Cristkindl Market here in Chicago. It's one of my favorite Christmas activities. I also got my Christmas tree up and the house decorated...and I spend Sunday cooking and baking.
I decided it would be a great weekend for some comfort food, so I decided to make my ultimate comfort food, Lobster Grilled Cheese. I had decided to make Hush-puppies with this recipe, so I thought, what the heck...lets throw some Lobster into the hush-puppies as well.
The result...phenomenal.
So here is the video for that little adventure, and I'll post the recipes with the images next!
Happy eating foodies!

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