Friday, June 26, 2009

Contest Update! Enter to Win!

Ok...It's day 3 of my first blog give away and I have gotten some awesome submissions so far. I'm so glad it's Friday and over the weekend I'm going to be preparing some Lobster Scampi. I got a taste for Lobster Scampi this week while we were trying out some Scampi Puffs that we are planning to carry. The light sauce and lobster pieces were wrapped in fluffy phyllo dough and so easy to pop in your mouth. I can't wait til they are available.
For those of you who have not entered the contest yet....ENTER!!!! :)
Here is the link....cause I like making things easy for you. Enter to win a free "O" olive oil or balsamic vinegar sampler
Looking forward to reading some more fantastic sumbissions from you all! Have a great weekend and I'll be back Monday with a Lobster Scampi Video Recipe!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"O" Olive Oil Sampler Set & Balsamic Vinegar Sampler Set Give Away!

Good Wednesday Morning Foodies! Today is going to be an awesome day because I am having my first (of what will hopefully be many) blog give away contest!
I hope everyone is excited about our give away items as I am. Both of these products are staples in my kitchen and have given so much flavor and life to countless meals. Everyone should experience these incredible oils and vinegars, and here is your chance to do that FREE!
Here is a short video clip with a sneak peek at the sampler sets you could win!

The Prizes
The “O” Olive Oil Set

Valencia Orange (6.8 oz)
House Blend Extra Virgin (6.8 oz)
Eureka Lemon (6.8 oz)

The “O” Balsamic Vinegar Set
Oak Aged California Dark Balsamic Vinegar (6.8 oz)
CA White Balsamic Vinegar (6.8 oz)
California Port Balsamic Vinegar (6.8 oz)

Enter to Win:
1. Write a post on your blog detailing your best use of either the Balsamic Vinegar, Olive Oil or both and use the LiveLobRecipe Contest Banner seen here to link back to this give away post.

No blog to post on? Follow NikkiTheFoodie on Twitter and email her your twitter profile link so she can direct message you the link you need to Tweet to enter!
2. Comment on this Contest post with the link to your blog post featuring the oils or vinegars.
3. Email the same link you commented and your Name and address (for receiving the prize) and we will confirm your entry.
4. I (NikkiTheFoodie) and Andy will look over all entries and choose a winner for the Balsamic Vinegar and a winner for the Olive Oil. All entries must be received and confirmed by Midnight on Monday, July 13th 2009.
5. The winner will be announced and contacted on Tuesday, July 14th 2009 and a winners post will be up on my blog that day.

So get in the kitchen, get creative and get some great gourmet prizes from & Lobster Gram! Good luck everyone and happy eating!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Andy's Marinated Swordfish

Hello all of you beautiful foodies! It's Monday, and the only reason I'm so darn chipper is because it looks like it might actually finally be summer here in Chicago! To get this summer spirit rolling, Andy ordered our Fresh Catch Swordfish last week and took it home to make a fresh feast for his friends. He did me the honor of taking my camera so he could capture all the delicious images, so it's time to share now! I'm still nagging him to write down the recipe for me to share with you guys...his first set of directions contained not one single actual measurement of anything. But, he is still new at this so I'll cut him some slack. Patience is a virtue my hungry friends (and one I am always told I should acquire). Hopefully I'll get that from him later this week. Until that time, enjoy the tasty images Andy took for us. See you guys soon!