Monday, August 30, 2010

Asian Style Kobe Flat Iron Steaks from Lobster Gram

Weekends are supposed to be for relaxation.
When one is moving, planning a yard sale for Labor Day weekend and trying to plan a wedding all at the same time, it's used for anything BUT relaxation.
This weekend however, I made time for a new recipe I have never made before with a NEW steak from Lobster Gram. And it was FAN-FRICKEN-TASTIC.
For a very long time I have hoped that we would carry a steak like this, and now that it's here, I couldn't wait to use it for a fruit and meat pairing.
Kobe Flat Iron Steaks. That's right...KOBE.
A little history lesson on Kobe Beef:
Kobe beef is a term that refers to the breed known as Waygu cattle that has been raised by the strictest techniques known the world over.
These cattle are fed grain and beer on a daily basis and massaged to ensure the marbling and flavor make their way through the entire animal.
Actual Kobe Beef from Japan is very difficult to come by because land is so scarce in Japan, but in recent years, Waygu cattle have been brought to America and Australia and raised by the same strict Japanese standards that create the most memorable steak you will ever have.
And that is how these amazing steaks came to be at Lobster Gram.
So, in honor of the Asian inspired beef, I prepared Asian Style Orange Kobe Flat Iron Steaks with Orange White Rice.
Happy eating foodies!
Asian Style Orange Marinade for Kobe Flat Iron Steaks

*Makes enough marinade for four 8oz Steaks*

6 tbs Sweet Dark Vinegar
2 tbs Honey
1 tsp white pepper
1 tsp cayenne pepper
1 tbs fresh grated ginger root
1 tsp Chinese 5 Spice powder
1 Cup Orange Juice
2 tbs Finely grated orange rind
2 tbs Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Four 8 oz Kobe Steaks

Combine all ingredients into a gallon sized zip-lock plastic bag. Shake well to combine. Place all four steaks in the bag and shake again to coat.
Place in refrigerator for 8-24 hours, turning the bag occasionally.
If you fear the bag may open in the refrigerator, place it inside a second bag.
Grill or broil the steaks to taste.
Serve with white rice.