Friday, June 18, 2010

Locals Only- Welcome to Lobster Land Chicago!

Today is officially the first Lobster Gram Chicago Warehouse pick up sale!
This friends and foodies, is a HUGE deal for us here at Lobster Gram. Opening warehouse store has been one of Dan "The Lobster Man's" dreams for many years, and being here to see it come true for him has been a lot of fun to see him so excited...see the first picture for the excited Dan.
There are some AWESOME deals going on here right now, so if you are in the Chicago area, stop by and check us out! For now, here are some pictures. I hope everyone out there has a great weekend, and enjoys Father's Day!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Father's Day- Then and Now

Father's Day has always been an interesting day for my family. Growing up, my father was not around.
Though I didn't have a biological father around, I didn't lack anything in the way of fatherly love.
I still learned how to waltz by standing on someone's shoes in the basement, just like other girls.
I was taught how to ride a two wheeler bike the hard way; in a pot hole ridden Chicago alley.
I was taught how to roller skate on a linoleum basement floor without busting my head open (even if Oma JUST finished washing the floors).
My Opa (German for Grandfather) was the person who taught me these lessons, and he was the person my family celebrated every Father's Day. We always called it "Opa Day", and this was normal until I was 20.
In 2004, Opa passed away from cancer. Father's Day was now just very sad for my family.
We had lost our patriarch, and were just lost ourselves.
Things started to change in March of 2006 when our family expanded to include my Mom's new husband, Jim.
I gave Jim a lot of credit. The women in my family are not easy to deal with, and he jumped right in to deal with one of the toughest cookies you can imagine.
In addition to his new bride, he now also had to learn to cope with two step daughters, and the craziest most German Mother In Law this continent has ever seen.
This poor guy was in for it.
I almost felt bad for him.
Flash forward four years...
It's Father's Day, and our family has a reason to celebrate again.
This time, we will still remember Opa, but we will also celebrate Poppa being a part of our family.
So this year on Father's Day, we will be gathering in the back yard for some grilling goodness.
As a Father's Day Gift, I ordered two of Lobster Gram's 20 oz Angus Cowboy Rib Chops.

Now that is a steak that any Father would enjoy on Father's Day.
So how do you guys spend Father's Day? Let me know!