Friday, May 8, 2009

Cookie Cake Sampler for Mother's Day we all know, Mother's Day is this Sunday 5/10/09. I have decided to treat my parents to a gourmet Lobster Gram feast! I have Maine Lobster Tails, New York Strip Steaks and Filet Mignon in the freezer at home that I'm going to prepare for lunch with twice baked potatoes and a Cookie Cake Sampler. Lobster Gram just started carrying these less than a year ago, and I knew right away it was something Mom would just love. Giant Gourmet Cake sized cookies...who wouldn't love that? My package arrived this morning, and I just had to take some pictures to share. We also have an OUTSTANDING SALE going on with these right now, so they are FLYING off the shelf for Mother's Day. There are going to be a LOT of happy Moms out there this year, and that really matters to a company as family oriented as we are. In fact, I became aware of Lobster Gram because my Mom took a seasonal job here many years ago while I was in high school and she still comes back to work with us during the holiday season. So quite literally, it's a family thing! I hope everyone out there enjoys their Mother's Day...with food like this around, I know I will!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Images of Lobster Claws

The food just keeps coming out of the test kitchen here today! Here are some appetizing photos of Lobster Gram's Maine Lobster Claws by the pound. A lot of lobster connoisseurs prefer Maine Lobster Claws as opposed to the tail because the claw meat is more tender, and usually sweeter. Maine Lobsters are the only lobsters that carry claws, making them a great delicacy in Europe and abroad. Enjoy! I'm going to go eat (more!)

Seafood Sausage Images from Lunch

Images from Lunch: Seafood Sausage & Kettle Chips Mmmmmmmmm....Thanks for lunch Dan "The Lobster Man" & Lobster Gram!

Image Mashup- Lemon Crusted Scallops

And here is the image mash-up from last night's adventure! Images of Lunch coming up next. The seafood sausages rocked!

Recipe-Lemon Crusted Sea Scallop Video

Ok, here is the complete video and recipe for the Lemon Crusted Sea Scallops. Enjoy foodies! Images still to come! This is making me hungry already...wish I had left overs lol :)
Enjoy the recipe! Lemon Crusted Sea Scallops.

Searing Lemon Crusted Sea Scallops

Good morning foodies! Last night's Lemon Crusted Scallop recipe was outstanding! Seriously, it was the best meal I have had in a long time and that's saying something! I have a lot of video and images to get through but until that is finished, I leave you with the following video. Try not to drool too much. Check back for more this afternoon!