Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Illusive Pearl Onions and My Bacon Wrapped Comfort Zone

I was so excited to make Boeuf Bourguignon on Sunday.
I went grocery shopping with my recipe in hand. Choosing the freshest looking mushrooms, carrots, celery, peal onions and bacon with the rind.
The problem...
I couldn't find pearl onions to save my life. I went to three different stores hunting for the them. I had everything else, and this was the last missing piece to the tasty puzzle.
I had to find pearl onions SOMEWHERE..this is Chicago! Right?! Alas...there were no onions to be found.
The search for onions consumed so much time, if I began cooking then, I would have been eating dinner at 11pm.
It was time to come up with a back up plan.
And a damn good one at that. I was pretty disappointed that I wasn't going to be able to make what I wanted to, and what I had already purchased fresh produce for.
It was time for a comfort food plan.
It was time for stuff wrapped in bacon.
Had plenty of it on hand already, and it always makes me feel better!
So here we are friends and foodies, bacon fest 2010.
And in case you were wondering, I felt much better afterwards :)
Go Bacon!