Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pictures I had promised and a recipe for the weekend

It feels like I have not had the chance to post in forever! My blog was locked by blogger for the last few days because it was mistaken for a spam blog...what a self esteem booster haha. And I also forgot to post the pictures from Dan's of the Steak and Crab cakes we here they are! Sorry they are so late ;)
I hope everyone had an awesome Memorial Day weekend. I spent a lot of time in my back yard reading and grilling. We got a little rain Monday, but not enough to drive everyone inside.
It's supposed to be a nice weekend this week and I plan on grilling some more. I have a great drunken grilled pork chop recipe I have been wanting to try out, and I think this weekend will be perfect for it. I plan on making that, and this awesome oven fries recipe I got from the Purple Foodie. I made them last night with a left over prime burger from the weekend and I just fell in love with them. So I'm going to make them for some friends and family over the weekend and see how they dig it.
Monday here in the office we are going to be preparing a few new cuts of steak and I will be front and center to ensure I get every juicy detail of them...(no pun intended lol....I'm lame)
I believe they are Orange Bourbon and Tuscan Marinated Flat Iron Steaks. I'm interested in how this is going to turn out!
Well foodies, lots to do now, but I'm really looking forward to posting the Drunken Pork Chop video and Flank Steak footage Monday. See you all then!