Friday, November 20, 2009

I Love Cooking in the Fall- Veal with Pears and Rosemary this weekend

Good Friday morning Foodies! Another week has flown by, and I feel guilty about not posting more. Things get insane for Lobster Gram around the Holidays, and right now I'm in high gear trying to prepare for it. Fortunately, I will have the time this Sunday to prepare a nice big meal again, and I have decided to go with a great veal recipe I got from a Twitter friend @EclecticGrocer. The recipe sounds great: Veal Chops with Pears and Rosemary and I found a roasted rosemary potato salad recipe I'm going to make with them.
I just love spending chilly weekends at home cooking. The house gets all warm and cozy, and the smells that permeate from the kitchen...tantalizing.
I don't think I have ever prepared Veal with Pears and Rosemary, but I imaging the aromas will be mouthwatering. I love fragrant fresh rosemary in an assortment of dishes, so I'm looking forward to this with great anticipation. This will help you see why...
When you start out with ingredients as fantastic as this, it's really hard to mess things up.
So when I get off work today, I'll hit up the grocery store and stock up, then retreat to my cozy kitchen and start kicking out some lovely flavorful and fragrant dishes.
That is until Sunday. Sunday, I will emerge from my kitchen and head to the movies to see New Moon. Yes, I admit that I am a huge Twilight fan. After seeing the first movie, I read the books, and was hooked. The writing it's self isn't something to write home about, but the story sucks you in, and you have to keep reading.
Not to mention that Robert Pattinson is hot beyond all rationality.
So Sunday afternoon, I will be in the VIP 21 & over theater near my house avoiding the throngs of giggling teen girls and enjoying a Sunday Screwdriver in front of the big screen on a comfy love seat. I'm really anxious to get this rocking weekend rolling!
And with that I will close this post.
Keep a look out for the video and pictures from Veal with Pears and Rosemary early next week!
Have a great weekend and Happy Eating!