Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Crab Cake Competition

Good morning all. I all of my beloved foodies are doing well out there! It is ANOTHER rainy dreary day here in Chicago. I swear it's been raining here for a month straight. If I wanted weather like this I would move to Seattle or London.
Well it's Father's Day week and everyone here is busy trying to get all the gifts out to Dads across the country in time. I ordered my Father's Day gift the other day, and I really think my Step Dad is going to LOVE it. He is a big meat eater, he had never tried out Bison Sampler before and unfortunately he was out of town on business while I was preparing my Bison Steaks & Burgers (and so disappointed he couldn't' partake). So I ordered him his very own Bison Sampler for Father's Day. It should be at the house on Saturday morning. So I just have to hope the dry ice holds out so I can keep it hidden in the cooler until Sunday.
Yesterday Andy and I were in the kitchen preparing some crab cakes. One crab cake was just like our Maryland Style Crab Cakes, and the other was a reformulated version of the same thing. I think the vendor wanted to know if we could tell the difference. Anyone looking at the following pictures for even a split second will be able to tell the difference between these two crab cakes. they both pretty much tasted the same but the texture was worlds apart. I know who the winner is of this contest. What do you guys think?

I'm sure you can see the difference by now. And no worries...we have no intentions on selling the "reformulated" version :)


Catherine said...

Hey Nikki, thanks for leaving your comment on my blog...I'm now following your blog, "Dan the Lobster Man" and I will be adding this site to my blog list. Thanks for stopping by Living the Gourmet...everything looks great on your sites! :) I'm also following you on Twitter-

NuKiwi said...

So...where are my samples??? LOL