Thursday, April 9, 2009

Twitter- The New Obsession & Easter Dinner with Oma

Good morning Foodies! Today I have no new videos to post, but I have been working on my new Twitter account. I admit I was one of the last to join the Twittering party, but I'm really digging it now (No tech pun intended). This weekend is Easter as most of you know and I'll be out at my Mom's celebrating with my family. I believe the menu is going to consist of Ham (obviously) and a HUGE heaping bowl of German Potato Salad made by my Oma. I have tried for years to get the recipe for this potato salad from my Oma, but every time I ask she hands me a bag of this "secret spice" that makes the salad exactly what it should be. In all honesty, no one in my family outside of my Oma has any idea what this spice may be. It might not even be a spice, it may be a combination of spices but either way...she won't part with the secret. We have our suspicions that she holds on to it so we have to visit her more often to eat potato salad lol. Clever clever Oma. Anyway, I'll get pictures of all of that feast up by early next week. Perhaps I'll also send a sample of the "spice" to a lab to have it tested. I must be able to make this at home!
Well, I hope everyone out there is having a good week. Enjoy your seasonal celebrations whatever they may be!


Nicole said...

so what's with the Twitter thing? I really just don't get it..Enlighten me...Why does one want to do it? It just looks like one line comments to me...Really...tell me what you think about it and why you are "digging it!"

Nikki The Foodie said...

Twitter is pretty much like a blog, but instead of one post a day or so you make several updates to it in a day. It's pretty much like a blogging, text message hybrid and it's pretty addictive. I usually pop over and start looking at my feeds just to see whats going on with people and I have gotten a ton of great recipes and what not from other foodies on there. It's just an interesting waste of time pretty much. But isn't that what entertainment is supposed to be?