Friday, April 3, 2009

Andy & Nikki the Foodie Cooking New Zealand Lobster Tails

Today we had Giant New Zealand Lobster Tails in the office, so we decided to show everyone how we do it in our very own test kitchen! I'm behind the camera so you don't get to see my pretty face just yet(I are all going to cry about that tonight lol) but there is plenty of Lobster, Lobster Facts and Professor Andy showing us how it's done. This is the first in a series of 3, so look out for the rest to be posted next week. Happy eating foodies...enjoy your weekends!


NuKiwi said...

Aha! First of all...we call it crayfish here...secondly, what did you really think of the taste??? Not quite as good as Maine lobster, in my mind. Curious to see what you thought though. LOL


NuKiwi said...

P.S My brother-in-law dives for crayfish and paua, we do get REALLY big and REALLY fresh ones. I wonder if yours come from further south? Ours come from the central area (we live in Wellington) so the colder waters are really a bit further south toward Antarctica...Bluff oysters come from down in that region.

Nikki The Foodie said...

Hey Tiff! Thanks for the tip! I never knew they were called Crayfish there...that's cool! I LOVE New Zealand Lobster tails. It's true they are not as sweet as Maine tails, but I really fell in love with their velvety texture and faintly buttery flavor. I love using their meat in Lobster Alfredo, the buttery meat is perfect for the heavy sauce. I'm so jealous that you can get them dock fresh! I obviously can only get the frozen ones :(
they have to be beyond amazing when they are fresh. I honestly don't know where in the region our tails come from...I should check that out. If there is a greater variety there, perhaps we could carry more!
If you have any recipes for these that you want to share I would appreciate it!

Many thanks as always!