Thursday, February 4, 2010

Crab Stuffed Lobster Tails- New for Valentine's Day 2010!

There are few things in this world as good as a Crab Stuffed Lobster Tail.
I'm not talking about a tail that has had the meat removed, chopped, mixed into a stuffing and crammed back into the shell for presentation; I'm talking about a WHOLE Maine Lobster Tail, with additional crab stuffing on top waiting to be baked into golden deliciousness.
We finally started carrying just that, and more...Lobster Stuffed Lobster Tails.
Now, you already know how I feel about Lobster Stuffed needless to say, I'm really excited about this newest offering.
So excited in fact, I decided to get a four pack of crab stuffed lobster tails myself and prepared two of them over the weekend.
They were absolutely fantastic (as expected!).
I will be reordering these in the Lusting for Lobster Package for Valentine's Day.
Nothing says romance like Stuffed Lobster tails, Lobster Bisque and Creme Brulee Raspberry Cheesecake.
Especially if you can get it delivered in time for Valentine's Day for under $90.
And with that, I'll share the quick photos I snapped of these divine lobster tails.
Happy eating foodies!

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