Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What Kind of Lobster Tail are You?

Every now and then, we here at Lobster Gram are asked a very simple question, that's not at all easy to answer.
"Which Lobster Tail do you prefer"?
Although there really are only 7 choices, the differences between them are vast.

Cold water lobster tails yield a sweeter, denser lobster meat.

Warm water tails provide a more mild flavor with a velvety texture.

Making Campfire Lobster tails? Go with the New Zealand. Steaming the butter and lemon with them brings out their mild deliciousness.
Making Fettuccine Alfredo with lobster in the sauce? Go with the Maine Lobster tails. Their firm texture and sweetness will pair well with the bold flavor of your cream sauce.
So, we started to think. Does the kind of person you are dictate what food flavors you are drawn to? We think so! Hence, the Lobster Quiz was created to pair your personality with the best matching lobster tail option.
Give it a try and see what lobster tail you are!

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