Monday, June 1, 2009

Munchie Monday at Lobster Gram

It has been an awesome Monday here in the Lobster Gram office. It's been a day of cooking and taste testing for all of us here, and that always puts us in a great mood. I took plenty of pictures to share with everyone, so here they are. To give you a quick run down of what we ate, here is the list.
Hope you enjoy! I know we sure did. Most of my coworkers are fighting off the food coma as I sit here typing this. It may be time to go start another pot of coffee for everyone.

1 comment:

Nicole said...

Wow..You've just gotta love a job like this..
"Oh God, gotta go to work and eat gorgeous gourmet food again!"
(shaking her head, she briefly sighs.Secretly she dreams of a job with a vending machine, where she could feast on a package of stale peanut butter crackers or perhaps a smushed honey bun.."Oh well", she laments, "surely this isn't my destiny! Perhaps ONE DAY!"