Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Next Culinary Adventure Has Been Chosen!

Good morning Foodies! It's another rainy, dreary Thursday here in Chicago. The weather has been very Seattle-esque for (seemingly) weeks. I remember hearing something about April showers bringing in May flowers, but all I see is a lot of flooded out gardens. I hope my herb garden survives this. I am trying to grow Rosemary, Chamomile, Lavender, and sage along with my usual peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and berries. I love having a garden again. I was without a yard for entierly too long and there are only a few plants that can really thrive in a window planter.
Enough about the garden and the rain...the results of the poll are in and the next video recipe adventure has been chosen! I was a little bummed that so few people voted, but a few did, and their decision was Lemon Crusted Scallops! Yay! I love scallops. I have a pound in the freezer right now that has this recipe written all over it!
I'll probably wait til Monday to make this as it is one of my Mom's favorite recipes and she is out of town at the moment. She just found out on Friday that she had passed the Illinois Nursing test and is now a licensed nurse! I'm really proud of her for going back to school and doing this for herself. She has had no prior medical training or experience so this was something entirely new for her. Not an easy task at 52, but she did it, and passed with flying colors. Way to go Mom! So I'll be making this recipe for her upon her return and I'm sure she will appreciate it.
I was just informed by my cohort Andy (from the Adventures of Andy & Nikki the Foodie Preparing Giant New Zealand Lobster Tails) that we have some cooking to do today! Good thing I have my Flip Charging up right now.
Our boss Dan "the Lobster Man" has some business people coming out to visit today and we are going to show them how different types of lobster tails look and taste. Should be a good day! Here is the menu and I'll put up some images and video a little later today! See you guys soon!

Lobster Gram Test Kitchen Menu
Maine Lobster Tails

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