Monday, April 27, 2009

Cajun Crab Burgers Tonight

So tonight I'm making Cajun crab burgers with my fresh catch Jonah Crab I got on Friday. Unfortunately I was unable to do anything with it when it arrived fresh on Friday, but as it is so fresh and never frozen, I was able to freeze it for the weekend and pull it out this afternoon to thaw without worrying about compromising the fresh taste with freezer burn. It's been a while since I have gotten our fresh catch so I decided to take some pictures to share. So here they are! I'm taking this crab home tonight to cook with, and tomorrow I will have a new video up!

This is the container that the crab comes in. Two containers per 8oz of crab meat, and best of all...these containers are REUSABLE! Yay free Tupperware I won't worry about getting lost lol!

Here you can see the fresh crab a little better. It's very white in color with just hints of
pink and red

Here is a close up on the fresh Jonah...I'm getting hungry just smelling it!

And finally I can't help myself anymore...I have to have a bite of this
...mmmmmm Crab perfection

See you tomorrow with the video. Until then, happy eating Foodies!

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NuKiwi said...

Mmmm...makes me hungry just thinking about it!