Friday, August 7, 2009

Images from making the Niman Ham at Lobster Gram

Good Friday afternoon to all my Foodies out there! It's been a super busy week for me here, but I wanted to share the pictures from our LG lunch this week when we prepared our NEW Niman Ranch Ham. Didn't even need a recipe for this baby...It came with it's own PERFECT brown sugar glaze. The whole process couldn't have been any easier. Just mix 2 tbs water to glaze powder and heat until sugar dissolves, slather the gorgeous ham in this aromatic glaze, wrap in foil and heat 10-12 min per lb on 325. Easy Peasy people...I can't believe I had never tried this before.
The ham was incredible, and everyone who passed through the test kitchen exclaimed "It smells like Christmas in here!". I kept telling them it was because I had a big oven full of Christmas cooking, but no one believed me. I guess that's the drawback of being sarcastic most of the time haha.
Anyway, enough of my pointless Ham rantings (It's making me hungry to even talk about this ham) Here are the images. Hope everyone has a rocking weekend!

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