Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend Adventure:Cooking Crayons

Hello friends and foodies! It's crazy that it is Monday already...these weekends seem to pass by with amazing speed! I had a great weekend, but there was a lot of running around and things to take care of.
Sunday was my Nephew's First Birthday so there was a little party for him and the family. He was such a little cutie, but had NO interest in his smash cake. I think that was the first baby I have ever seen ignore a cake in front of it! Unfortunately, I forgot my camera in the office and was unable to take any pictures. Have a 2nd Birthday party next weekend for another Nephew, so I'll get another shot at sharing some family photos.
Saturday I spent my day shopping with the boy for birthday gifts and creating the special gifts for the little guys. With them turning 1 and 2 respectively, we wanted to do something for them that will help them develop skills that are overlooked in the early years. Being too little for books (Can't wait til' they start reading!) we decided to go with musical and artistic gifts to nurture their creative sides. The final choice...a Playschool Tap-a-Tune and baby crayons.

The baby crayons were a HIT with the family. All of them were surprised that we came with something this kid friendly when we are the only ones without kids, and NEVER planning on having any. Making these was beyond easy and it was great to give the little guy something that was made just for him. So I guess I can include the "Recipe" for these... I wish I could include a link to wherever it was I first saw this years ago, but I don't remember anymore.

Baby Crayons
1 large box Crayola Crayons ( I chose the 96 color pack)
1 cupcake baking tray with 12 cups
12 Foil Cupcake wrappers (not paper, wax will melt through)

Peel labels off completely off the crayons.
Line the cup cake tray with foil wrappers. Break the crayons into quarters and drop them into the bottoms of the cupcake cups. If you like you can mix colors as seen in the image above, or keep the different shades of colors in the same cup to keep them more uniform (I did it this way to help them start learning their colors). Put cupcake tray into a 350 oven for about 10 minutes. When crayons are nearing the end of their reformation, the top of them will be flat and shiny. After you see this happen to all the cups, let them sit in the oven for another 5 minutes to allow all the air bubbles to escape. Remove from the oven to cool for at least one hour before removing liners. Once that is done, you will have crayons that look a lot like colorful peanut butter cups, but they will be perfect for little hands to be creative with!

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