Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"O" Sampler Set Give Away Winners!

Good morning all! I'm super excited this morning because it's time to announce the winners from my first give away! So without further adieu, the winner of the Balsamic Vinegar Sampler Set is...
Hank Bob of HankBobBBQ!
Hank Bob sent a fantastic recipe for Balsamic Peach Glazed Pork chops that looks so mouth watering, I'm going to have to try it the next time I get pork chops from Lobster Gram.
Here is a link to Hank Bob's recipe, and you guys should follow him on Twitter as well because he is awesome. So Hank Bob...your Sampler is going out of the warehouse today via FedEx Ground. Enjoy, congratulations and thanks for entering! It's people like you who make this a lot of fun!
And our second winner does not have a blog, otherwise I would share it with you, but she sent in a fantastic tossed salad recipe that called for both the Balsamic Vinegar and the Citrus crushed olive oil. But anyway...our second winner is Michelle from Crisfield MD! Michelle, your olive oil sampler set will also be coming out of the Lobster Gram warehouse today via FedEx Ground. I hope you enjoy! Congratulations and thanks for entering!
As for the rest of you fantastic foodies, there will be plenty more contests to participate in so check back often! Again, congratulations to HankBob and Michelle!

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