Monday, May 11, 2009

3 pulled teeth= unhappy foodie

Good Monday morning foodies. I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day, and an overall better weekend than I had. Unfortunately, my weekend involved an emergency visit to the dentist on Saturday that resulted in me getting my last three wisdom teeth pulled. Not a good time, but rather necessary. The procedure it's self went smoothly, and that's coming from someone who is terrified beyond all reason of needles.
Thing that really sucked about getting teeth pulled this weekend...I couldn't partake in my Mom's Mother's Day feast. I prepared Maine Tails, New York Strip steaks and twice baked potatoes, but I could only eat the potato. For dessert, Mom wanted the peanut butter cup cookie cake, so I couldn't have any of that either. Oh well. On the upside, we did still have some chocolate lava cakes in the freezer that when microwaved have the perfect consistency for someone who just had an extraction. That is some real comfort food right there.
I think I'm going to order some sorbet and soup to have on hand for the next few days while my face goes back down to normal size, and when this is all healed and over I'm going to order some massive cowboy rib chops. Nothing like 22 oz of prime steak to celebrate being able to eat again. I can't wait! Until that time, I see a LOT of jello in my future.

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Nicole said...

Although it was not an emergency, but rather a planned event, I had all four of mine pulled last summer..They did not let me eat anything for 3 days! I dreamed of a steak, just as you are...I just let myself "go to town" so to speak, with ALL the ice cream that I wanted...It was a fabulous excuse...Go for it...It's the only time that you won't feel guilty!! This will all be behind you soon...Feel better and have someone go get you a double chocolate shake or your favorite sorbet/gelato...Watch old movies...Take advantage of the time recovering...